About Us

Songclip™ is a free music app that uses proprietary technology allowing people to pair and share Songclip — byte sized music clips — of the world’s most popular songs with GIFs, videos and photos. Working in partnership with Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment, Songclip is the preeminent, fully-licensed music messaging app and has recently been featured as an Apple "New App We Love" and ”App of the Day.” Songclip is the first product from its parent company, Audiobyte™.

The Executive Leadership

Andy Blacker

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Andy helped start Songclip because the silence in texts that he sent and received felt like a giant void for the avid music fan. He loves music, lyrics, live shows and concerts, and the way they bring people together. He is laser focused on delivering music to texting because the pairing and sharing of sight and sound will transform communication for fans, artists and the industry. His favorite band is TheEnd (His 6th grade son, Braden Storm, is the band’s lead vocalist). His other favs include 21 Pilots, Logic, The Avett Brothers, The Beastie Boys, Sara Bareilles, Kendrick Lamar, The Foo Fighters and Willie Nelson. When he’s not working or being a great dad and husband, you might catch him watching the most recent Netflix documentary, going on a late night Adidas sneaker-buying spree, or catching a show at Jones Beach. “You can’t beat the tailgate and seeing your favorite band, playing on the water as the sun sets. It is truly an experience.
On a serious note: Andy has a penchant for startups and dove into the tech industry in 1994 as one of the very first employees of the Internet search engine, Infoseek, where he ultimately became Director, Business Development and Partnerships. Following Infoseek, he took on digital marketing strategy roles at AOL and Discovery. After those roles he joined the founding management team of ToneMedia, where he helped lead the mobile music platform reach 120 million users and achieve an acquisition by Bandsintown Group.

John vanSuchtelen

Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer

John joined Songclip to help undo the silence that people have endured in messaging for too long. A rabid music fan since his teenage years, John won tickets to his first concert (Alanis Morissette at Molson Park in Barrie, Ontario, Canada) when he called into Mix 99.9 Toronto. At the time, he was working a parti-time gig at Pizza Pizza and should have been tossing pizza dough rather than calling into to radio shows. The vegetarian and first generation Canadian (his family immigrated to Canada from the Netherlands after World War II) lives in San Francisco and is newly married to Veronika. As part of the nuptials he adopted two cats and a brown leather Chesterfield, a source of comfort for when he plays Grand Theft Auto and listens to Weird Al Yankovic and Backstreet Boys as a break from the ordinary.
On a serious note: John has more than 20 years of digital and gaming expertise. He was a pioneer in the space and has led engineering, product, growth, marketing and design teams to industry leadership across multiple platforms and verticals. Most recently, he was a co-founder of Live Canary, an SaaS platform that delivered scaled qualitative and quantitative insights to top mobile developers. Prior to that he was the General Manager of 2P Development & Publishing at the popular social games developer, Zynga.

Kristin McDonnell

Chief Operating Officer

Songclip? You had her at music. And messaging. When Kristin is not being a super smarty pants who leans into a trifecta of talents – tech, finance and entrepreneurship – this music junkie loves hanging out with her husband and three kids in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her favs span rock to Bach, punk to funk but Radiohead’s decades of depth makes them her current favorite band. An East Coast native, her first concert was Yes at the New Haven Coliseum. And if push came to shove and she was stuck on a desert island with her family, Wi-Fi and a lifetime supply of chirashi bowls from Juku in Soho, the new soundtrack to their lives would include songs from In Rainbows by Radiohead; Morning Phase by Beck; Blond by Frank Ocean; Play by Moby and The Best of Stephen Schwartz so they could belt out major show tunes from Wicked, Pippin and Godspell.
On a serious note: Kristin is a Harvard MBA grad with a BS in Industrial Engineering from Northwestern University. She has worked for and in partnership with a breadth of companies from Fortune 100 corporations to Silicon Valley startups including AT&T, Electronic Arts, McKinsey, IBM, Xfire, LimeLife, Mplayer, Apple, and Verizon. From 2004-2010, Kristin was the venture-backed CEO, Chairman of the Board, and Co-Founder of LimeLife, one of the first mobile apps companies.

Bill Campbell

Chief Music Officer

Bill has always been at Songclip – well not quite always but at least since its founding. A man of few words, his favorite artist is Neil Young even though his first concert was Blue Oyster Cult. He has one wife, three kids, four dogs, one cat, one English Budgie and an attic full of flying squirrels. Don’t ask. If he were ever to leave the flying squirrels and find himself on a deserted island he would need a full set of his instruments: Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano, Clarinet and Harmonica along with these five albums: After the Goldrush by Neil Young; Abbey Road by The Beatles; Houses of the Holy by Led Zeppelin; Tea for the Tillerman by Cat Stevens and Sweet Baby James by James Taylor.
On a serious note: Bill has 30 + years of global entertainment expertise across business development, operations, strategic planning, business and legal affairs and general management. He’s held top positions in the global business groups at both Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group. He is the founder of Barefoot Media, which specializes in assisting companies with business development, financial modeling, strategy, funding and content licensing across numerous industries. He is also a partner in Crossfade Partners, a collection of advisors and innovation strategists for companies seeking to execute positive change in a modern world with real ROI. He holds a JD from Seton Hall University School of Law.